Theory of Metaclans

The theory of metaclans is a result of an extensive, 10 years long, empirical study of the life of Jewish clans. Within the study, factual material on the history of 63 different Jewish clans in the span of up to 950 years was investigated.

As a result of the research it was proved for the first time scientifically that there exist special intrinsic regularities in the life of the Jewish People which provide for its survival during millennia. The regularities express themselves via the preservation in Jewish clans of dominant characteristics such as occupations, destinies, social behavior, characters, habits, choice of partners etc. Despite the large extent of the temporal existence of the clans; despite the geographical separation between the family branches (that is their isolated habitation during no less than 100-150 years, not only in different countries, but also on different continents without any connection between them); despite the kinship separation between members of the clan of 10, 25, 38 generations and the complete absence of any information on other family members – majority of the clan members have the same personal characteristics. These members of the clan, having the same characteristics, form the so-called “metaclan”.

The theory of the metaclans claims that the above regularities lead to the preservation of the character of the Jewish People throughout all its history. The existence of these regularities implies that every Jewish family, like the entire Jewish People, has its unique calling.

The above view opens a new page in the understanding of the mechanisms behind the unique history of the Jewish People. The research constitutes an attempt of deciphering the message encoded in the very existence of the Jewish People.

Following the research publication, the authors have been awarded “Zeiti Yerushalaim” prize for the contribution to the national heritage and its development.

The theory of metaclans in described in more detail in the paper The Jewish People as a phenomenon of historical longevity: On the theory of meta-clans and the principles of survival.

Project was launched in 2006 and it is currently active.

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