The Institute has created an interactive website JewAge – a virtual center that restores the history of Jewish clans. Site’s visitors may create their own family tree, learn about the origin of their clan and about the meaning of their last name. The users have the opportunity to get in touch with the researchers of the Institute and get help in restoration of their own pedigree. During the years of the portal’s existence, more than 7 000 people from all over the world registered there, they gathered information about more than 110 000 Jews and their family trees. Thanks to their work, 35 000 articles were published and the information about 8 000 Jewish communities was gathered.

The new JewAge site, which helps each Jew to find his own place in Jewish history, appeared recently in the Web. In this case, the word ‘new’ relates not only to the period of the site’s existence, but, mainly, to its original content.

JewAge is a real mosaic of Jewish culture. Everyone can find here something interesting for him – the information about movies on Jewish subjects, Jewish music, literature and history. Moreover, anyone can contribute to creation of Jewish cultural and historical milieu. The site, for the first time in the Web, makes for his visitors the opportunity to learn more about the history of their family and origin of their surnames.

Contrary to other sites, which provide a possibility to build a genealogical tree online, one who visits JewAge is not leaved alone. Leading specialists of Am HaZikaron Institute of Jewish history and genealogy studies assist visitors to accomplish their task and to continue further research of their family history. Institute specialists already assisted personal genealogical studies of more than 20 000 users!

Users will find the very unusual timeline in the category “History”. Historical events placed on this timeline are both amazing and not-so-well-known to the public, although they made a great impact on the development of human civilization. Timeline on this site contradicts and changes all common opinions about Jews in the periods of Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The e-journal “Unbelievable Jews” published on the site provides materials about the most unusual, interesting, but little known events of Jewish past and about extraordinary representatives of the Jewish nation and their exciting destinies. There are articles in this journal, which raise complicated and ambiguous issues that often provoke stormy discussions.

The Institute often publishes information about new discoveries made by leading scientists, who, in some way, are connected to the field of genealogy as well as the results of the Institute’s studies. The publications are devoted to both global problems and to new data concerning the history of concrete families.

The JewAge site is a very important event in the Jewish Internet area, which will contribute to the revival and the development of Jewish self-identification.

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