Project “Russia. Three-year Pogrom”


The Jewish pogroms in Russia 1918-1921.

Am haZikaron Institute project

The tragedy of the Holocaust is preserved in the cultural memory of humanity. But few people remember that the horror of the Holocaust was preceded by an equally terrible tragedy. Inhuman torments fell on people guilty only of the misfortune of being born Jewish in Russia.

From Polish Kielce through the Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia to Mongolian Urga, where Baron Ungern ordered the “extermination of all the Jews of the city together with their families”. Hate surged over the edge and spread to the towns and cities, frozen in terror. Three hundred thousand murdered, hundreds of thousands raped, a quarter of a million orphans.


Jews were killed simply for being Jews, regardless of gender, age, beliefs… It was a grand rehearsal of the Holocaust. It was a continuous unending disaster. Not random tragedies, but a three-year relentless, continuous “pogrom movement”.

The pogroms involved whites and reds, Atamans and Petliurians, peasants and townspeople – united by a common hatred. “Jews! The terrible curse of the pogroms has fallen on our towns and cities, and the world knows nothing of it.”

Not more than 19 years would pass and in the same places, by the same hands, under the leadership of the Germans and more often by their own initiative, 6 million Jews would be exterminated.

Let the ashes of those who were butchered, burned, sunk, raped – all those who were murdered – always resound in our hearts, in the hearts of our children, their children’s children – and so on in all generations…

Almost every Russian-speaking Jewish family has victims of this monstrous massacre, as do many American, Israeli and other Jews with roots in the Russian Empire.

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The project “Russia. The Three Year Pogrom” will be created in memory of the victims of the Jewish pogroms. To date, the information is available to the public only in fragments.

The “Am haZikaron” Institute is proposing to create a resource uniting all
information on the Jewish pogroms of the Civil War:

  1. Eyewitness accounts and lists of known victims
  2. Website and visual directory of localities with descriptions of the pogroms (over 1,500
    • dates
    • names
    • testimonies
    • photos
  3. Jewish self-defense and its heroes
  4. Lectures on the emergence of the pogrom movement and its aftermath
  5. Seminars for international student groups
  6. Educational course for teachers
  7. Publication of the book “Russia. The Three Year Pogrom” about the events of those years
  8. Making a documentary film about the Jewish pogroms based on the chronicles of those years.

The project is funded by private donations, which can be transferred to the bank account of the institute, according to the requisites listed below. As a token of their gratitude, donors will receive a printed edition of the Institute’s book about the pogroms. The Institute is a registered non-profit organization in Israel and will issue a certificate of donation granting a tax deduction in Israel.

Support the project and donate:

The “Am haZikaron” Institute is grateful for your support of the project, that will allow us to restore and preserve the memory of our Jewish ancestors!

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