Sefer haDorot

The “Sefer haDorot” (The Book of the Generations) project is an educational program created for young-adults with Jewish roots, who are interested in exploring their family history.

The project aims to recover the emotional connection between young people and their Jewish ancestors.  This personal connection increases their Jewish self-identity and their affiliation to the Jewish State – the place, where many generations of their ancestors were dreaming to be.

The project creates a platform for realization of the individual family history researches.  In addition, it endorses the youngsters to communicate with their older relatives. Project activities are strengthening the links between family generations and stimulates the transmission of the family values and traditions.

Individual researches are supervised by the leading specialists of the Am haZikaron (People of Memory) Institute, who enrich personal achievements. It creates an historical depth to the family stories and connects it to the Jewish people’ history.

The mission of the project is to preserve family “memory” and reconnect participating families with the history and heritage of the Jewish clans they belong to.

The project is supported by the Israeli Prime Minister Office and takes places in Israeli Culture Centers in the major Jewish Communities in Russia and Ukraine.

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