Demography of Jewish Clans

Demography of Jewish clans is a fascinating issue. Survival of the People means survival of the clans comprising it. How these clans evolved through centuries? How the number of people in a clan changed? While some of the clans assimilated or were murdered, others survived and multiplied. To trace all these changes and to try to detect any regularities present is the purpose of the project “Demography of Jewish Clans”.

An example of work within this project is the study of the conjecture that the majority of modern Jews are descendants of about 250 prominent rabbinic clans of the Middle Age. This conjecture appeared on the basis of preliminary evaluations and the data obtained by the populational genetics. Another example is the work by the Institute’s research group to develop a mathematical model for quantitative evaluation of the number of Jewish clans living today. The work is based both on historical data and on regularities in the life of Jewish clans discovered by the Institute.

Project was launched in 2007 and it is currently active.

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