Genealogical services

We provide private genealogical services. The results are provided in electronic form along with available family documents. Please contact us at if interested in these opportunities:

Family History Study

Study of the history of your family aimed at discovering as many generations back in time as possible and also uncovering modern relatives unknown to you. The study involves sophisticated analysis of archival, bibliographic and other sources. This family history is to be guarded and passed from generation to generation.

Certificate of Family Origin

Beautifully decorated certificate that provides you with the meaning of the surname, its origin, places of residence during centuries and prominent members of the clan. It can be prepared for any Jewish family line of your ancestors. Good for gifts and posting in your house.

Family History Poster

Professionally designed poster with your family tree. Ideal gift for family anniversaries and occasions. There is an option for ordering short research to find information on the family members unknown to you, thus increasing the number of generations in the poster.

Family Booklet

This booklet provides detailed description of the family origins, history, migrations, prominent personalities, places of residence and more. The booklet derives from the Family History Study or its shortened version and preserves the information on your family to be passed to next generations.

Psychological Portrait of the Clan

This is the result of unique studies of Am haZikaron which has no parallel. It was discovered that during centuries of the family history, the clan members preserve identity that differs from the identity of other clans. This includes areas of occupation, marital habits, mobility and other characteristics. Psychological portrait of the clan results from statistical study of information on professions and other manifestations of dozens or hundreds of family members. This option is the best for those who want to understand how much influence our far ancestors have on us.

Genealogical expert opinion of Sephardic ancestry

Many Ashkenazi Jews have Sephardic ancestors without knowing it. You can get from us a free initial check of your Sephardic ancestry. If successful, we will provide you with genealogical expert opinion that may entitle you to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

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