Study of Mission

Study of mission considers that every person has his/her own definite mission or purpose. In contrast with previous uses of the term, here mission is introduced consistently by considering the person as member of the clan that together with other clans forms the clan structure of one’s people. The mission of the person is then implied statistically from the mission of one’s clan and people.

This purpose or mission is not a vague notion. To the contrary – the purpose is a concrete, recognizable and distinct quantity, having characteristic features whose manifestation forms man’s life, activity and, eventually, the destiny.

The study of the mission investigates, based on statistical analystis of lives of members of the same clan, the questions of interconnection between accomplishing one’s own mission and the free will. Indeed, it is one of the basic premises of genetics that lives of members of the same clan must have certain correlations. Study of the mission investigates the degree to which such notion as purpose can be defined rigorously. It studies how the existence of a definite mission influences the life of a concrete person.

The Institute Am HaZikaron is based in Israel and studies the laws of the mission on the example of the Jewish People. One of the directions of the study is research of laws of expression of different missions and their interaction. Do the peoples themselves and their leaders interpret their missions correctly? Do the missions contradict each other? Does it lead to local or, on the contrary, global conflicts, to the “clash of civilizations”? Perchance the missions of people are originally meant to complement and enrich each other?

Project was launched in 2008 and it is currently active.

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