Project “Rod’N’ya – המיוחסים”


Project “Rod’N’ya” is an international joint initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and “Am haZikaron” Institute, implemented on the basis of Jewish students organization “Hillel”. The project poses a logical continuation of the “Generations” seminar, which, for the last seven years, takes place within the framework of “Taglit” program.

The project’s objectives are to popularize the study of Jewish roots among the Jewish Russian speaking youth, to create volunteer projects dealing with this topic and to engage the unaffiliated Jewish youth in the Jewish community life.

It is an educational project, which includes the following elements: educational program, study of one’s personal kind and family line history, community engagement, as well as an educational research expedition in the footsteps of the Jewish people migration in Europe.

After completing the expedition, the participants continue to volunteer and implement their own projects in local Jewish communities.

The project “Rod’N’ya” is aiming to engage young people, ages 18-27 years, which had completed the “Taglit Birthright Israel” program and are interested in studying the history of their own families. This personal connection with Jewish ancestors increase their Jewish self-identity and their affiliation to the Jewish People.

Year 2015: In the pilot version involved 180 participants from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Year 2016: In the project involved 160 participants from Russia and Israel.

One of the participants create a documental movie as the personal project. Film tells about the expedition of “Rod’N’ya” in 2015 to Germany and the Czech Republic.


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